What is TSCM:

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) encompass a range of activities, often known as bug sweeping, TSCM inspections, electronic counter-surveillance operations, or debugging services. These terms all describe the same essential service: the electronic and physical examination of an area (such as a vehicle, hotel, office, theatre, conference facility, residence, yacht, aircraft, etc.) to detect any potential technical surveillance attacks. At PGS Solutions, we commonly refer to these services as conducting a TSCM survey.

Why TSCM is Essential:

Privacy threats exist across all environments, with individuals or entities seeking to compromise personal, professional, or organizational privacy. Throughout history, numerous instances of eavesdropping, espionage, and unauthorized access to private information have occurred. The saying “knowledge is power” holds true, as obtaining and exploiting undisclosed information provides a significant advantage. Various actors, including organized criminal gangs, voyeurs, business competitors, disgruntled colleagues, and state-sponsored entities, may engage in technical surveillance attacks for financial gain, personal gratification, competitive advantage, or political motives. These attacks utilize a range of readily available or custom-designed surveillance devices and techniques, necessitating a comprehensive approach to security encompassing physical, cyber, and technical domains.

The Evolving Nature of Technical Surveillance:

Privacy-compromising attacks continually evolve, requiring TSCM specialists to research and develop countermeasures to address emerging threats and methodologies. Without specialized expertise, it can be challenging to stay abreast of evolving privacy protection threats.
Components of a TSCM Survey: Measurement, Analysis, Interpretation, Mitigation
Conducting a TSCM survey involves deploying a variety of measurement equipment and tools, conducting thorough examinations across multiple threat domains, and analysing results to identify and mitigate risks. TSCM operators must possess expertise in utilizing diverse tools, interpreting measurements, identifying anomalies, and implementing appropriate mitigation strategies. At PGS Solutions, we take pride in our experienced operators who ensure that our services meet the highest standards, leaving our clients satisfied.

For Further Information:

To learn more about how we assist our clients in safeguarding their personal, professional, and organizational privacy from technical surveillance, please contact info@pgs-solution.com

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